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Terms of Service

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To simplify the Terms of Service of Daily News Online, things are pretty easy around here.  Below, are the basics of how things work at Daily News, and what you should probably know before accessing our websites.

We are hit by millions of visitors each month. Sometimes are sites are slow, and at others they are fast.

We do not collect visitor information, of any kind. All we can see is that visitors have logged hits on our website.

Daily News Online reserves the right to publish tips; evidence, screenshots, photos, e-mails, (and the ladder) at our discretion if they are deemed to be in public interest.

Photographs found on this website, unless otherwise tagged, are generally property of Daily News Online. [All photos of staff members including CEO SHK  are strictly prohibited from reproduction: We will press charges against those who steal our photos!].

Daily News Online reserves the right to charge late fees in regards to late payments made for services rendered on behalf of this newspaper. Late fees are subject to your geo location and ultimately up to DNO Chief Mohammed SHK.

Non payment for services will result in termination of services (and articles, if necessary) until payment can be made.
We use paypal to deliver all invoices.

Our original thoughts, sometimes snarky, and possibly even the rudest column(s) you’ve ever read are property of Daily News Online and if found anywhere else: We’d like to hear from you, 347-509-9075.
Otherwise, we’re not truly a rule-oriented newspaper. Have fun reading the Daily News, but remember,  play safe with our photos and our content — or else

Our additional Terms of Service are as follows as of April 2017.

We must have accurate info on file for you, if, you request birth certificate services whether for yourself or someone else.
We must be able to confirm the authenticity of why you need someone’s elses certificate if applicable.
We reserve the right to collect and charge deposit/service fees to render service.
IF your service request is found to be in violation of our Terms of Service of local laws in all 50 states or outlying islands, (or respective country)  we, reserve the right to do the following:

 Close your order
We will not issue a refund at that time.
Forward your information to the appropriate authorities. 
We reserve the right to charge shipping for all orders in relation to birth certificates; personal records,  mail, shipments, and packages.  If shipping is not paid,   customers can expect items t o be shipped by ground via USPS or UPS. expedited tracking information is not guaranteed if shipping is not paid by customer.

These TOS are enforced and will be enforced in the event of disputes.

All disputes must be made in e-mails to legal@bazaardaily.co.uk.
Disputes through third parties are Paypal will trigger intervention from our legal and accounting team in the event that we are required to furnish evidence as to why your dispute may or may not be inaccurate.

A little overview on related services etc from our President SHK.

October 2017 updates

Reproduction of our work without our permission is strictly prohibited.  Violators will be reported to their web hosts. We do our best to seek permission and or cite those in which we source from, and, expect the same.  A team has been established for this sole reason.
Reproduction of our work usually requires a creative license, which, can be purchased by contacting sk@bazaardaily.co.uk.
Right clicking and the like have been disabled on our website.
Users are not permitted to save photos from our website.
Licensing photos also costs monies. Please e-mail sk@bazaardaily.co.uk to license a photo and or video from our website.
We reserve the right to pursue action with your web host, etc, if we find  you’ve taken our content and we have no record of approving such.
UPDATED October 15th 2017