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Don’t drink and drive kids, especially when you’re underage

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Word to the wise to our younger readers (under the age of 21): don’t drink and drive, better yet,  don’t. bribe a bartender to give you alcohol and then drink and drive (and then kill someone due to the driving). That, apparently, was a lesson learned by one young woman who is in jail right along with her bartender.

No, joke.   Why it is just now coming to news, is, beyond us. But, it definitely is worth noting. According to Texas authorities, 20-year-old Veronica Rivas visited a local Crescent Pub  & Eatery on 28 February. While there,   cops say that  the bartender Amy Allen, 40, was charged with criminal negligence after  Rivas reportedly killed a pregnant woman and her child  when she slammed into her car. The bartender allegedly didn’t check ID’s, and, avoided doing so all together per criminal complaints.

Rivas, 20,  was charged with intoxicated manslaughter this week.   Although such charges aren’t unusual for drunk drivers, ehum, arresting the source of the alcohol is.  Authorities arrested  Allen; and two more men for plying the girl with drinks.

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