“Mentally Disturbed” Youtube shooter explained in detail: In Depth | The Daily Fix

“Mentally Disturbed” Youtube shooter explained in detail: In Depth

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This week, chum, brought yet another mass shooting to  American waters — and now — more details about said shooter are making their way to the public. Much of what was known about Nasim Aghdam was that she was an immigrant from a Middle Eastern country (reportedly Iran). But now, it, appears that the internet has uncovered much more about the woman who shot up Youtube ‘s studios in California this week.

According to what we’ve learned, Aghdam,  had a string of controversial videos and think-pieces online. In them, she often compared the United States and Iran against each other. regarding their free speech policies and how citizens fared among such.  But, what comes next, might shock some.

Police say the 9mm Smith & Wesson she  used to shoot up Youtube, indeed, was legally owned by. Aghdam and registered to her.

  • Here’s what we know
  • She and her family moved from Iran in 1996 to “get a better life”.
  • She had apparently been making a living off of her Youtube channel, untill, Youtube suddenly cut the chord on advertising revenue.
  • Her brother claimed in an interview that she viewed the move as censorship, and, that may have been a trigger for the sudden attack on Youtube.

Cops had apparently found her sleeping in her car around 1:40 am the morning before the shooting just two days after she had fled her family’s home.       Her family, chum, maintains  that they phoned police to report her as a missing persons only for her to be removed after she managed to evade arrest.   When they found her, police say, they questioned her for at least 20 minutes (“and she seemed totally fine”).

Jackson Arms shooting range, the range in which she was known to practice at (and apparently purchased that now infamous gun)  has denied ever having seen Aghdam the morning of the shooting.   Sources and several witnesses including businesses next door, indeed, confirmed to The Fix that Aghdam was seen “for at least two hours that morning”.

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