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Cannes Film festival bans selfies on red carpet

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Ahead of perhaps the 2nd most coveted social event of the season, the Cannes Film Fest, apparently Isn’t a fan of celebrities taking their selfies anymore. Thierry Fremaux,  the gatekeeper to the event, confirmed on Europe 1 Radio this week that the practice was officially banned. Despite, ehum, some voicing their disgust on Twitter.

Fremaux, claims that the organization wants to restore a bit of decent to the event.  Considering,  ehum, that the Met Gala is just days before the event — it’s no wonder Fremaux is quietly competing with Anna Wintour for the most guests of the season.

Meanwhile, Fremaux maintained when questioned by The Fix that.  festival partiers who are caught taking pictures of themselves will be booted from the event entirely. In other news, Netflix movies have been removed from the  event all together.

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