Scott Pruitt just proved he’s in bed with EPA lobbyists | The Daily Fix

With time that has passed, Scott Pruitt, proved he is just as corrupt as ever

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Because in 2017, he, secretly rented a room from an energy lobbyist that is now coming back to haunt him. Bloomberg discovered Saturday that in a posh  deal in 2017 in an upscale D.C home,  Pruitt,  secretly rented the room from lobbyist Vicki Hart.   Interestingly,  Pruitt apparently rented the room for $50/night at a cost of about $6,100 over the course of six months.  The news site reportedly managed to get their hands on checks baring Pruitt’s  name to Hart.

Now this is where it gets interesting. Alike Bloomberg,  after hearing about this story, The Fix went fishing around Washington to find out about the buzz about Pruitt’s secret rentals from  lobbyists.   Several sources including one within the White House confirmed  Bloomberg’s report, and, further cited that Pruitt will likely be the next to be removed from the Administration.

“People and staffers are furious”  says one particular source. “Bloomberg’s story  blew the lid off of a controversial issue  involving Pruitt, someone, who has long been in bed with the same people trying to undo environmental regulations”  the source continued.

Meanwhile, Pruitt himself apparently isn’t in good graces with the President. Mostly, ehum,   that appears to be because taxpayers are paying the bill for his sudden 24-hour security request.

Via Bloomberg News 


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