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Why we won’t support the Black Lives Matter movement

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In our  weekly question of the week mailer, we,  received multiple requests to answer an apparent long-standing question as to why we’ve never backed the Black Lives Matter movement.  Below,  is in full, our statement as an organisation led by black people; for black people, who have seen both sides of the spectrum.

First and foremost..

We cannot support the movement, because, black lives still don’t matter to allot of black people themselves.    Unfortunately, even in 2018,  this is still an issue in some scenarios.   Until we as a community can stop using our own personal shortcomings  as reasoning for not doing better, we, will  continue to fail.   Nobody is saying what white people have done over the course of history is wrong,  but what we are saying, is that it is time to stop complaining about it and change it.

Black Lives Matter often (in some cases)  complains rather than changes it. For example,  the gay pride parade in Toronto (which we are still not sure why this happened) in 2017 was blocked by the Black Lives Matter movement in the area.  Police officers were not allowed to march in uniform, among, weirdly other things.


Until we stop calling our women and sisters “bitches; bottles, and hoes”  we will never be taken seriously as a community of people or people who earn the respect of others.   Rap music and hip-hop is fun (most certainly), but,   these days it does nothing more than demean our culture.  There aren’t that many  rap songs out there these days, that, have some sort of message behind it or a reason.


By technicality, we are not allowed to  support politically charged movements.   Protests for change and such yes, but, Black Lives Matter has in some parts of the country become a political statement about sowing division among our people and others rather than bringing full meaningful change without tearing  people apart.

For that reason…

We cannot support the movement,  but, we have always supported our own people.  We just cannot flat out support a movement that has lost its original message and no longer has the same goal it did so many years ago.


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