Only in New York: Local judge jailed for stealing woman’s underwear | The Daily Fix

Only in New York: Local judge jailed for stealing woman’s underwear

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Sometimes the headlines just write themselves, and, in this case…. there’s this one.   District Court judge Robert  Cicale apparently decided that it was time to bring the term pervert back into local headlines. According to court docs obtained by The Fix,   Cicale apparently broke into his neighbors house (also apparently his former female intern) to steal her underwear.

Yes, you read that right, underwear. 

Investigators and police reports paint a very disturbing image of a man in a very strong seat of power.   The woman, who wasn’t identified, was reportedly alone in her East Slip home on Thursday when it happened. Docs show that Cicale apparently broke into the home, only, for the woman to hear it before she called her Mom, who then, called 9-1-1.

When police arrived, they, amusingly found Cicale running down the nearby road with quite a handful of female panties in tow.   When questioned during his arrest, he, apparently told authorities that he “had a thing for stealing soiled panties” particularly from  the woman involved in the situation.   Also rather creepishly, he, admitted to having broke into her home numerous times to steal the panties.

Sometimes, ehum, we just can’t make certain things up.

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