Ex First Lady of Zimbabwe goes off the rails in CRAZY fictitious story | The Daily Fix

Ex First Lady of Zimbabwe goes off the rails in CRAZY fictitious story

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In what may just be one of the most crafty lies we’ve ever heard in Africa,  an interesting but  rather expected story, has emerged in Zimbabwe.  According to locals,   former First Lady Grace Mugabe (whose hubby was ousted from power November) apparently decided that it was time to visit the farm in which she owns.  Yeah, that place where complete strangers apparently come and go and she claims she just now discovered that.


In the interesting story, Grace, claimed that she found about 400 (“illegal gold miners”) on her farm when she kicked off a tour of her farm over the weekend (note the use of the term tour here guys).     The story takes an interesting twist as it appears that Mugabe then went on to claim (we’ve got the half-ass police report, even though, they didn’t act on anything)   that it was politically motivated by villagers she had forced out of their homes in 2015.  A feat that was then allegedly reiterated by the same miners on her farm, who,  “repeatedly” shouted at her that she no longer had any power to remove them.

Mugabe maintains that they made off with several tons of gold; food,  and various other items from her farm. It is unclear what sort of health issues Mugabe may be experiencing.  Local police officials reportedly called the story an “entire lie” and were completely unable to verify the claims per a police official who spoke to the Fix.

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