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The 9/11 lawsuit against Saudi Arabia is set to proceed

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The long-standing lawsuit against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (in response to the 11 September Attacks on New York City) is scheduled to proceed thanks to a judge’s recent ruling. On Wednesday, US District Judge George Daniels ruled that the courts could assume jurisdiction in parts of the case, but uh, not for others.

Here are the parts that matter most.  In the ruling, Daniels  decided that the court can assume jurisdiction over the long-rumored and perceived involvement of the Saudi ‘s during the attacks. In oral arguments from lawyers representing the thousands of victims,  lawyers argued that Saudi Arabia violated the recently enacted (as of 2016)  law called the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act.

That particular act, for those unaware, was put into place under the Obama Administration by order of Congress (he had attempted to veto it at the time). But what didn’t make the cut, perhaps, were three once vital parts to the case.

In the initial court filing, lawyers sought to get answers and compensation from a construction company and two Saudi Banks with deep ties to the then Osama Bin-Laden and his family.

The case is set to proceed next month as more arguments are expected, and, official comments from the royal family of Saudi Arabia.

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