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Trump is so fixated on Amazon, because, of the Washington Post

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Because everybody knows  that Donald Trump only cares about ratings and positive press coverage of his persons and celebrity.    Earlier this week, the President took to Twitter and beyond exclaiming his  loathing for Amazon — because “They’ve gotten away with huritng America for to long” .

The President, ironically per the Washington Post,   apparently claims  that Amazon “dodges taxes” and abuses the USPS “because they don’t pay their fairs share”. But then went on to apparently also claim that Amazon “collects sales tax and the related (which they do per local laws)  in various U.S states) but don’t pay their own taxes at all.

Previous reports published this week suggest that Trump is eyeing anti-trust violations against  Amazon, something, that would certainly set off a firestorm of criticism in Washington as Trump has a penchant for targeting private companies as President that don’t fit his own personal agenda or ideologies.   Meanwhile, Amazon stocks continued to tumble.

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