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Startling legal case against Trump in Washington D.C, Maryland will proceed

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After a judge’s ruling that attorney general(s) from both states indeed have legal standing and precedent to continue with their case.  A judge ruled Wednesday that  the case will proceed, but,  the emoluments case will have limitations. Initially,  the AG’s had hoped to see  the case be brought against Trump ‘s estate in Florida and against the hotel in Washington.

The judge ultimately ruled that only the hotel in Washington can be added to the lawsuit. While the Trump team tried to apparently argue that only Congress can   act on whether or not a sitting President violated the Emoluments clause, the same judge,  ultimately rejected that clause.  In the ruling, it was also noted that Mar-a-Lago is “not in the same vicinity as the D.C hotel, therefore, it wouldn’t of had any substantial  impact on  Washington or Maryland”.

The case is set to proceed as of next month.

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