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In The Spotlight: Kim Jong Un’ wife Ri Sol Ju

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She’s probably one of the most mysterious First Lady’s in history,  well anywhere in history for that matter, but Ri Sol Ju is now in the spotlight. The reclusive First Lady of North Korea arrived this week  in China with her husband Kim Jong Un, and, people are definitely talking about it.

The rarely ever seen  Sol Ju appeared in  super-fashionable conservative attire, and, drew high praise for her fashion choices alongside China’s own first-lady.  It is one of the few times in recent memory that Ri Sol Ju has ever been seen in public.   In fact,  we know so little about the  fascinating First Lady,  we’re not even sure how old she actually is.  Most websites paint her age between 28 and 33.

One fun fact? Kim Jong Un is reportedly the father to three kids and the husband to a fascinating wife. Who would have thought?

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