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Atlanta is under a major cyber-attack: Police

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ATLANTA, GEORGIA — Atlanta kicked off its week with a startling development: a major cyberattack.  According to officials, someone is holding government computers and the like hostage demanding a rather unusual ransom.    Mayor Keisha Bottoms confirmed the news this afternoon that hackers broke into government systems and then switched the power pretty much off.

Hackers are apparently demanding $50,000 in bitcoin.

“We are dealing with a [cyberhostage] situation” reads a statement from Bottoms’ office.  Meanwhile, authorities are currently determining exactly how  to handle the situation (as nobody has ever really been held ransom for bitcoin before).

Atlanta officials have advised people to not open any form of e-mails from the city of Atlanta, which includes work;  hospitals,  libraries, and more.     The hackers have apparently been identified, but Mayor Bottoms, is not actually  confirming who it actually was.

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