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Japan just might be about to execute 13 people in a mass execution

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And it has the world’s attention.    Let’s take it way back so people understand the significance of the case, whether,  you may believe in the death penalty or not. In 1995,   the Tokyo subway station was bombed/attacked with sarin nerve gas.   Shoko Asahara, left, of Aum Shinrikyo were two of the most prominent cult-leaders (they apparently believed Doomsday was going to happen)  at the time of the attack.

Now, Japan has reportedly brought nearly all 13 cases to a close.   This is where it gets interesting. Multiple experts point out that Japan has a reputation for waiting to  “charge people for a single crime all at once, rather, than multiple separate occasions”.  In this case,  execution.    All 13 cases were reportedly brought to a close in January, but,  up until now, Japan had to make sure that such executions would be humane and in accordance with the law.

The attack first happened on 20 March 1995 and killed 10, but,  sickened 6,300.    Shoko and his  goon squad  took liquid bags of sarin gas  and put them on more than 5 trains.    Executing their evil plan,  they, managed to later puncture them with pointed umbrella tips.   It has been nearly 20 years since the attack, and, one of the most horrifying memories in Japanese history.

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