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A letter regarding communicating with Sultan Khane himself

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It has come to our attention that more people than ever before are choosing to communicate with Sultan Khane himself (for a multitude of reasons).    While there is nothing wrong with that,  we,  have to inform the public that he is disabled.

We would like to remind people that Khane suffers from  memory loss;  slight speech impairment,  and, is often unable to do certain things himself.   We are issuing this notice after it came to our attention that  the Top 100 Red Herring Awards missed a phone call again, but,   failed to remember to  give a reminder 24 hours before the scheduled event.

As we have noted before,  it is per our Terms of Service, required for his participation that the third party involved issue a 24-hour reminder the night before.    We have this in place so that, we his staffers, can prep him the night before.  Those who do not follow the precautionary measures will not be afforded his participation.

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