The weird and sudden death of a man on Russia ‘s government hit list | The Daily Fix

The weird and sudden death of a man on Russia ‘s government hit list

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LONDON —   In the aftermath of the poisoning of a spy named Sergei, (see here),  The Fix has learned of yet another potentially deadly attack on the streets of London.     Police reports and government intel reports obtained by the Fix, note, that  Nikolai Glushkov, was found dead in his home on Monday. Glushkov, a Russian businessman, had long believed that due to  problems in Russia, he, was on the governments’ secret hit list.

The Fix has confirmed the cause of death.    Per toxicology and police reports,  Glushkov  died of constriction to the neck (similar to the type, say, that nerve agents like  novichok might cause).  Although many outlets have claimed that Russia isn’t involved, the notion, seems much more likely considering Novichok was manufactured (and literally only manufactured) in  Russia for much of its lifespan.

Meanwhile, police officials are “keeping an open mind” into Gurshkov’s death as they’re  still unsure exactly what happened. No motive has been determined as of this time.  The Fix can subsequently confirm that as of Friday,  Glushkov’s death has been ruled a murder.

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