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The Lowdown: Russian operatives have hacked into the U.S’s power grid

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In what could probably be the pettiest move of them all, Russia, has  apparently hacked into the power grid that keeps America online (that’s not a reference to AOL guys).   A warning from the Department of Homeland Security issued Friday, says, that Russian operatives have managed to get into a number of major power plans and nuclear facilities.

Here’s the low down:

Federal authorities apparently revealed to multiple outlets, and then a security warning, that Russian attempts to thwart the power grids began exactly a year ago.   Officials say that Russian operatives have managed to gain and get access to grids; facilities, and power plants with phishing type software. Apparently, officials weren’t smart enough to detect e-mails that were real and those that were fake.

See the first-ever warning of its kind from the Department of Homeland Security, here.

Meanwhile, U.S authorities would not confirm if there were indeed specific targets by the Russians.    This, perhaps, poses concerns among major companies and power plants across the United States — because — nobody quite knows if Russia’s going to turn off the power.

The U.S did confirm that the “targets” were related, in some way, to those who had their e-mail passwords stolen in phishing attacks.

The news and the alert come just days after Russia announced that it will retaliate against all of those who claim that Russia indeed tried to poison that now infamous spy.


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