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Six more women now claim they have NDA ‘s from Trump

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Because, of course,  Trump apparently can’t keep it in his pants.     Kicking off this mornings’ talk show rounds, Stormy Daniels lawyer lit the flames with new details about her upcoming 60 Minutes interview.  Beginning with one particular talk show host (see here),   Michael told the host that “she did indeed receive multiple threats of physical harm”  since she has come forth with her sensational story of an affair with the President.

First, the interview. According to unnamed CBS executives, the interview will air 25 March for the world to see. In it,  Daniels is expected to address just about everything, despite,   threats from the White House to intervene.

Read more about the shocking interviews; admissions, and the latest on the whole ordeal in USA Today.

“The fact is that my client was physically threatened to stay silent about what she knew about Donald Trump,” Avenatti said

“I am confident that the American people after this interview are going to come away to have little or no doubt that this woman is credible,”  he continued in the Morning Show interview.  The most interesting part of the interview?   Michael went on to claim that at least 6 more women have contacted his law firm  with apparent NDA ‘s from Trump and his legal team over sexual affairs.

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