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The end of David Shulkin is here, because, nobody trusts each other

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David Shulkin, yes, that Mr. Shulkin is apparently  very close to being kicked out of the Veterans Affairs agency in which he helps lead. According to a report in the Washington Post,   which interviewed 16 Trump Administration officials,  the agency is in shambles (and we mean that literally).   Shulkin, as of this weekend, has apparently placed an armed guard outside of his office.

The Post goes on to weave an interesting scandal preparing to erupt inside the agency.   Several officials, ehum, told the Post of how  Shulkin has banned staffers he thinks are against him from his executive suite.  Also, he, apparently has posted the guard outside his office because “he doesn’t trust anybody”.

Shulkin is notably the only Obama Administration official to get a post in Trump ‘s cabinet, but, it hasn’t come without scandal.  Most recently, he  drew criticism over his reluctantly-charged idea ver a new VA medical policy, and then of course, there’s that whole having misled American taxpayers  to take his wife on a 10-day European trip.


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