Kendall & Kylie were almost evicted from their NYC showroom | The Daily Fix

Kendall & Kylie are not getting evicted from their New York Showroom

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Despite the fact that photographs appeared in The Shade Room, suggesting,  that the two owed more than $53,000 in unpaid rent to the landlords of their business. Although,   The Daily Fix has now learned that such is not the case after their landlords came to their defense.

The Daily Mail notes that the landlord(s) of their NYC showroom has since “apologised” for the clerical error, and, that the sisters do not actually own any money at this time. “They’ve always been upstanding tenants”   reads a statement from the company.

Meanwhile, here is the photograph that set off a firestorm online. Reps for both girls also additionally told The Fix that “this appears to have simply been a mistake. Both girls have always been responsible with their responsibilities”.

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