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Stormy Daniels is bringing the President to court

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To demolish his so-called NDA agreement, that,  his lawyers claim prevent her from speaking about their alleged  affair more than a decade ago while the First Lady was pregnant.  According to the New York Times,  Daniels filed a lawsuit in a Los Angeles Superior Court Room  claiming that the NDA brought on by Trump many years ago, is, in fact not binding.

Why, you say? According to the Times,  Trump ‘s signature isn’t actually on the document (which is ehum, the most important part).  Daniels apparently submitted documents to the court showing that the signature isn’t present, and, that his lawyer Michael Cohen has still been trying to silence her (as most recently as last week!).

Trump apparently wanted his name on the document as David Dennsion, but, never actually even signed the pen-name to the document. Stormy, however, did as her pen-name Peggy and got $130,000 in doing so. But now,  the fate of the document is in question considering there’s no other signature readily available.


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