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Best Buy’s Geek Squad Techs Are Paid FBI Informants

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American retailer Best Buy, ehum, is in trouble (and it has nothing to do with its sales or revenue).   Reports out today have unearthed documents from an apparent Freedom of Information Act request  geared towards the FBI ‘s program  and how it interacts with Best Buy’s Geek Squad department.

But, turns out, those inside the Geek Squad department are actually undercover FBI informants.  Documents revealed today that  the FBI, for at least a decade, has been paying geek squad departments across the United States to turn over hard drives that contain questionable or illegal material.

Yes, you read that right.   If you’ve got an illegally bootlegged movie;  saucy images of an ex, (possible child porn), or anything that probably shouldn’t be there — chances are Best Buy and its secret FBI informants have been working together to turn you in.

Here’s what we know:

  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation unearthed the documents after the request.
  • Per the documents,  the FBI has paid Geek Squad members across the country  for at least a decade to spy on computer systems.
  • Best Buy claims that their actions are not wrong, and, they have a moral code to turn in any illegal activity (whether it be child porn or something else).
  • Best Buy denied claims that their employees look for the illegal stuff, claiming, that they “accidentally” find it while surveying how much data can be recovered.

Experts aren’t buying it though.    You can read the documents in full over at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


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