ISIS video showing purported attack in Niger surfaces | The Daily Fix

ISIS video showing purported attack in Niger surfaces

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While many of you may not actually have been aware that the U.S military has a large presence in Niger,  four soldiers, were killed last year in an ISIS insurgence attack in the region.  Those deaths are as follows: Army staff sergeants Bryan Black, Jeremiah Johnson, La David Johnson and Dustin Wright (along with militants, and at least five others that weren’t American).

The Fix has seen the footage (although we’re not permitted to discuss where we obtained it from).  In the footage,   at least one of the four men can be distantly seen being shot before being dragged behind a militant vehicle and ultimately killed.

The video terrifyingly begins  as ISIS militants pledge themselves to the group and their leader, some of which, was all too gleeful to kill more American soldiers. The video also appears to show  the beginning of what would become of the battle that killed all four and five others, mostly, because ISIS militants severely outgunned the soldiers and their crews.

It remains unclear why it took an entire hour for back-up to be called in.  Troops didn’t call for help for a full hour at the time of the attack, and, French forces didn’t even arrive until a full hour later.

The clip ultimately appears to have come from a helmet cam of one of the soldiers.

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