Battle over Florida school shooter’s suspected inheritance ensues | The Daily Fix

Battle over Florida school shooter’s suspected inheritance ensues

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PARKLAND, FLORIDA — Interesting new developments in the case of Nikolas Cruz.  According to court documents obtained by The Daily Fix,  Cruz, apparently has a near $1m inheritance ($800,000 to be exact) that was due to be paid out to him at the age of 22.  Now,   prosecutors are jockeying to block the release and force Cruz to use his own assets from his deceased parents’ estate to pay for his legal fees.

Per the documents,  Cruz’s parents died last year (his mother in November from pneumonia) and his father (in 2004).   Both parents were fairly well off, and, did not list a particular entity or individual  as the sole heir/heiress to their money.   Officials reportedly discovered the existence of the inheritance after Cruz’s own friends, ehum, came forward claiming that he had previously told people of it.

A court docket filed Tuesday claims that he may “be a large beneficiary” for his mother Lynda Cruz, 68, who passed away last year.   Meanwhile,  a family friend who is taking care of his younger brother Zachary has stepped in to  take care of the estate in his place.

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