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A Queens EMT; Rape, and 4 harrowing details

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Queens —  Another day, another attack that could have been prevented had this man kept it in his pants.   Frantz Petion, a former  NY  EMT is now standing trial for raping a 10-year-old girl at a Queens house party.

Here’s what we know:

  • Petion, 25,  violated the girl in the upstairs bedroom of the home on Sunday.
  • He cuffed a hand around her mouth and threatened to harm her if she screamed.
  • He was apparently at the home by invitation for a birthday party.

Prosecutors allege that Petion intentionally attended the party to commit the act, and, argued in court that he is a flight risk.   Petion maintained in court that he had stumbled across the girl on his way to the bathroom, but, wasn’t  able to explain why she was barely clothed when he was found with her.

Witnesses had to break down the family’s bedroom door after her brief shrieks and cries were heard in the hallway.  Petion has been ordered to $500,000 bond or $400,000 cash bail.

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