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This is America’s priciest home ever

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And we mean that literally.  Real estate in America is so expensively high, that,  such could be one of the biggest reasons why  anyone who isn’t white is probably homeless.  In an exclusive from CNBC,  the network got one hell-of-a-look at a massive $500million  Los Angeles “Giga-Mansion”.

Since the construction of the mega-mansion, Los Angeles has actually placed heavier regulations on building places like this.  So,  that means,  that this will likely be the only mansion of its kind.

Distinctively known as “The One” we’re pretty sure this obnoxiously large mansion will serve only the wealthy, meanwhile, half of Los Angeles lives on the streets.  And, to thee owner, the homeless population in Los Angeles “isn’t my problem. I serve those that can afford it”.

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