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5 Signs Your Marriage is Headed for Divorce

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Marriage is a lovely thing, but, let’s face it — all good things come to an end.  In this week’s op-ed of the week, I’m  compiling five big signs that your marriage is headed for a quick divorce.   These signs are pretty obvious most of the time, but,   allot of folks are terrified at the thought of leaving “What they thought was right” to be alone all over again.

I’m here to tell you: it is okay to be by yourself.

  1.  Your partner has grown exponentially distant

Whether it be they’re texting someone else;  flirting a little to hard with another, or flat-out  giving the kind of attention they should to your marriage to someone else — chances are if you’re in this boat… It may be time to talk about a separation.

Emotional cheating is still a form of cheating.  If their attention isn’t where it is supposed to be, and, they find comfort in any form in entertaining someone else: jump ship and fast.

2. They always seem to have an excuse or are ready to combat any and everything you say.


Chances are, we have all been here once or twice. But, when it comes to the point that they are always negative;  have something to say (that’s usually negative or bad about you), and it never seems to equal out (bad v good)… chances are they’re looking for a reason to further push you away.  Most people won’t tell you that they’re pushing you away, they will make it blatantly obvious through their actions.

Remember guys: In a marriage, actions speak louder than words. 

3. Cheating can be overcome….

No matter what form it is… emotional literal or physical. But,  it must be an amicable thing. If the  persistent cheater isn’t  ready or willing to apologize for their missteps and to move beyond them (and never do t hem again) chances are it’s time to hit the door.

“Alot of people think cheating is simply actually sleeping with someone else while married.  False.  Cheating can take many forms including emotional; physical, literal, etc.  I think it’s important for people to realize that in the age of cell phones and selfies, because inapropriate conversations with someone else that lead a little further down a dark path than they should are grounds for immediate conversations.  The importance of marriage is to be respectful to your partner even when they’re not around or physically involved in a conversation with you” says Samantha  Norvic, a marriage and couples counseling expert in Beverly Hills.

Case in point: If they’re not sorry, or, keep doing it after they’ve apologised and said they’d respect your wishes — it’s time to bounce.

4.  When you no longer touch each other…

Whether it be sex;  frequent cuddling, holding hands, or any form of intimate touching with your partner. If you suddenly  can’t remember the last time you two legitimately intimately touched other, it, might be time to hike up the saddle and ride off into the sunset. Personally, I’ve always had this mantra about this particular situation. If the intimacy with your partner stops,  rest assured, it is happening with someone else (whether emotionally or physically).

5. When something big happens…

Like a monumental  great wonderful fun like OMG  thing happens and the first person you would like to share it with isn’t your wife/husband. Guess what?  You’re not actually married, you have a roommate sis.   If you suddenly don’t have storytime with your husband/wife anymore (especially about life events) there is absolutely no point in your marriage anymore. None. Zilch.

6. You’ve stopped caring..

Whether that be because it happened on its own, or, because you’ve already seen that he has checked out.  If you’ve stopped caring and no longer want to really listen to what he has to say,  chances are, you are probably ready to be single again.


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