It’s true, Rick Ross IS on life support: Hospital Source | The Daily Fix

It’s true, Rick Ross IS on life support: Hospital Source

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MIAMI —  A Miami hospital official who has preferred to remain anonymous following confirmations from TMZ, has, confirmed that  Rick Ross is indeed on life-support.    Hospital sources say that TMZ’s story is indeed true, and, Ross was quietly admitted to the emergency room after  paramedics found him in his home.

There is speculation at this time, that, Rick Ross has passed away.  The news first surfaced after TMZ claimed out-of-the-blue that Ross had been found unconscious in his home in Florida. Multiple sources then claimed that Ross was found by paramedics after they received numerous calls,  at the time, he was found seething at the mouth according to claims.

Family members for Ross have staunchly denied the reports, and,   one particular member phoned in to The Fix to viciously deny the claims that Ross has died/is on life support. Although 911  dispatchers in the Miami area confirmed to The Fix that a call from Ross’s Miami-Dade home indeed came through, and, he was indeed taken to the hospital.


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