Stevie J headed back to jail over child support: Sources | The Daily Fix

Stevie J headed back to jail over child support: Sources

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Big trouble for the always annoying Stevie J. Sources exclusively tell  The Daily Fix that Stevie is headed back to jail, over, an immense amount of unpaid child support.  Sources say that he has unpaid child support for at least three of his children, which, is a violation of the court order currently in place demanding he pay up or else.

Sources also claim that Stevie J is “close to broke” because the government has been attempting to take his earnings over the unpaid child support, but,  they haven’t always been that successful. It is unclear whether or not Stevie J will be in any of the upcoming television episodes of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Sources also told The Fix that the government has attempted at least four times to collect on child support for Stevie’s children, but,  Stevie himself has made that harder than it should have been.   In fact, we’re also told Stevie has “at times flat out refused to take care of his children”

This report was originally published on 27 February 201 at 0345 .

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