After Trump call, Mexico ‘s Prez scraps U.S visit | The Daily Fix

After Trump call, Mexico ‘s Prez scraps U.S visit

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DC —   Looks like Trump still won’t get to meet the man many are hoping soon comes to Washington. According to The Washington Post,   Mexican President Pena Nieto has no plans to visit the U.S anytime soon — especially after the latest testy phone call with Trump himself.

Per The Post,  Nieto, scrapped the visit after the testy 50 minute phone call ended with (of course) Mexico still refusing to pay for Trump ‘s controversial border wall.   Nieto stood tall on the long standing decision not to offer financial assistance with the wall, which Mexico, sees as nothing more than racist rhetoric.

The larger problem at stake?  Trump  apparently continues to  lie to the American public, per Nieto,   even going as far as to  refuse to acknowledge publicly that Nieto has made it very clear Mexico will not pay for the wall. 

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