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Cheating Tennessee Mayor Refusing To Comply With TBI

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NASHVILLE —  Megan Barry, the cheating government official who had an affair with her bodyguard, apparently  isn’t cooperating with the Bureau of Investigations. According to documents obtained by The Daily News (and Barry herself)   the TBI has seized Barry ‘s phone along with an additional phone belonging to a former law enforcement officer.

Nashville ‘s Megan Barry is pictured.

Bureau officials say that they believe at least three crimes may have been committed.   Per officials, Sgt. Rob Forrest’s phone apparently contained quite a few saucy text messages from Barry, who,   surprisingly is refusing to unlock her own phone for investigators.

His phone reportedly contained upwards of 260 deleted chats between him and Barry, which, prompted  them to seize the mayor’s phone.  Unfortunately for officials, she is refusing to comply and unlock her device.     In interviews, Barry, claimed that “they want everything in my phone”  “and that doesn’t sit well with me”.

The new investigation apparently started after it surfaced that there may be  saucy photos of Barry  floating around on cell phones.  Whether or not this is true, remains to be seen.  In additional interviews, Barry, claimed that “they were taken without my consent and that makes me furious”.

Meanwhile,   Barry’s male counterpart several states away was convicted of similar crimes for having an affair on tax-payer dollars (and what not).. but somehow she still isn’t behind bars.

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