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Florida executes man for 1993 murder

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MIAMI, FLORIDA —  A very interesting story out of Florida this morning.   A man originally from Indiana was executed last night for the grisly 1993 murder of a Florida college student — some of which he beat and slaughtered in one of the most heinous murders in Florida’s own history. But, despite his heinous crimes, Eric Scott Branch certainly didn’t go without quite the message for officials in Florida.

“Murderers! murderers!” he screamed as lethal injection drugs were reportedly administered. Branch killed 21-year-old Susan Morris in 1993. Just two months before her heinous murder, Branch, was accidentally and wrongfully released from a work-release program in Indiana. Officials claimed they did nothing wrong at the time.

As the Courier & Press notes, Branch’s wounds and violence against the young woman were pretty gruesome.

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