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Brooklyn Cooperative isn’t honest about its unusual fees

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Banking is something that we all have to do, but, there’s nothing worse than coming  into contact with a bank that isn’t quite honest. Especially, ehum, about its unusual fees for things that are (anywhere else) mostly and unusually free to do.

BCOOP (as its abbreviated for) has a very interesting fee scale, which, includes everything from wire transfers and beyond. But, one that stuck out to us after numerous complaints from Brooklyn residents, is one charge for attempting to get your money back from a merchant.

Now, there are generally a number of reasons one may need to get their money back. Whether charged the wrong amount;  paid a different way, or flat-out-fraud,  the reasons are endless. But, as one Brooklyn resident pointed out to the Fix today — regardless —  BCOOP is forcing its customers to cough up $15 simply to process the form to dispute the transaction.

View the actual list of fees and such that the bank doesn’t actually provide at sign-up.

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