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The story of one 17-year-old black prisoner sparks national interest

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The story of Henry Montgomery, ehum, is probably one of the most interesting we’ve ever written about.  In 1963, at the age of 17,    Montgomery shot and killed police officer Charles Hurt.  Originally, just weeks after his arrest that year, he was sentenced to death by a Louisiana jury.  Although, fast forward about two years,  he was later tried again but this time found guilty  without capital punishment.

He was formally retried in 1966 after a court declared that his original trial was unfair, and,   was performed for the wrong reasons.   Bring the case into modern day, and, it took a twist in 2012. In 2012,  the U.S Supreme Court ruled that sentencing juvenile offenders to life-in-prison without the possibility of parole is unconstitutional and “cruel and unusual punishment”.

Last year, things took what Montgomery perceived to be a positive turn. The Supreme Court against ruled in a landmark decision for Montgomery v  Louisiana that the ban on those types of life sentences be extended to those already in prison.

Now, last Monday, Montgomery (age 71)  was denied parole despite the many positive rulings from the Supreme Court.  As of 2018,   Montgomery has been imprisoned for more than 50 years under rules and a law that were twice legally declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court on multiple occasions.

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