Republican lawmaker caught in gay prostitute scandal: Documents | The Daily Fix

Republican lawmaker caught in gay prostitute scandal: Documents

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RHODE ISLAND — A Republican lawmaker in  Rhode Island has found himself in the midst of a gay-sex scandal involving a young member of the state’s Page Program.   According to documents obtained by The Daily Fix, Senate Whip Nicholas Kettle was arraigned on two charges of extorting sex from a male member of the page program recently, although, he denied allegations that he was secretly gay.

Like the Associated Press,  The Daily Fix, is not permitted to publicly name potential victims of sex crimes unless they come to us and confirm they are okay with such. A reported Linkedin profile for the page member, shows, that he worked in the program from 2011 February to 2012 and possibly intermittently over the years.

Kettle reportedly attempted on at least 6 occasions to extort oral sex and actual sex from the male page.   Family members of Kettle declined to comment to the Daily Fix when phone numbers were tracked down for at least three of his family members.

Senators from the  38 Senatorial state confirmed that they are seeking to have Kettle immediately removed from the Senate for good.


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