Homeless man slashes man in Times Square | The Daily Fix

Homeless man slashes man in Times Square

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Over the fact that like any other normal New Yorker, chances are, you’ve been bumped into.  According to police,  Nestor Galindo, 42, was arrested Sunday in Times Square after he apparently slashed the throat of a man who accidentally bumped into him.

Galindo reportedly has sixteen prior arrests including criminal sex acts; fare evasion, assault, and possession of a deadly weapon.   The victim did survive the attack.

The Daily Fix would like to remind people in New York City to always watch where they’re going and stay alert.

Nestor Galindo was grabbed by officers moments after he allegedly slashed the 42-year-old victim in the face Sunday.

Nicholas Galindo, the perp, is pictured in his mugshot after the violent Times Square attack.

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