Plitz Marketing douchebag Wayne Shields goes off the rails at fashion show | The Daily Fix

Plitz Marketing douchebag Wayne Shields goes off the rails at fashion show

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What do you get when you cross a money-hungry queen with a douchebag? You, actually get Wayne Shields (the, ehum, aforementioned “exec” from Plitz Marketing in NYC).   Early this morning, as reported by our parent newspaper,    Shields went off the rails after two models  who were scheduled to walk today in his shows brought their mom-a-gers to the event.

The Daily News reported that Shields told one of the moms that she “was a gangster, and, that it had happened the way it did because she was all up in his stuff”.  Now,   The Daily News has indeed met Brandi  Gannon on numerous occasions — the  claims that she is a gangster of any sorts are farthest from the truth.

View the shocking story in The Daily News, here. 

The Daily Fix has managed to uncover that  Shield’s doesn’t actually have all of the required documentation to fully employ children anyway. A few years ago, New York State, passed a law to protect teenage models classifying them as “child performers”.  Therefore,  people are required to have certificates of eligibility for  models to even walk (if they are under 18).

Shield’s day went something like this.   The Plitz show kicked off this morning at Hotel Pennsylvania in Manhattan, where… Will Gannon; Liliana Bogart,  Brandi Gannon, and Stacy Bogart all appeared as scheduled for the two to perform in their shows.   Upon arrival,  ehum, it went anything but as it was supposed to according to the two moms (we are also getting additional details from the designers).

Shield’s almost instantly demanded that both  parents “buy tickets” to the show even though NYC law requires that parents be present at all times due to their age.   Brandi and Stacy have been to a slew of New York Fashion Week shows prior to this one, and, have had no problem in getting into any of them.    Most, ehum, have  taken heed to the law and allowed them in regardless.

SCAM WARNING:  An authentic agency and casting call will never ask people to pay up front or pay for anything for that matter.    Generally most casting agencies will foot the bill until you start making money from actual fashion shows, and then,  obligations from your contract may come into play depending on the terms in which you agreed to once you’ve been signed.  Please see these Yelp reviews on Wayne Shields and co… These folks are thieves. 

Shields however was a bit different. “He demanded that we buy tickets, because, this isn’t a free show although it is open to the public”  say the parents as to the response they got when the encounter began.   It  got a little more disturbing after Mrs Gannon went to go speak to Shields herself, when, she was then told that “it started because she was acting gangster, and, all up in Shields stuff”.

Mrs Gannon then reportedly returned to her  group to inform them they were leaving, whereas, there was one remaining model still in limbo at that time: Liliana.    At this point, the group learned that not only was Shields trying to charge the mom-a-gers for their tickets, he, was also trying to charge every designer in the room to be there (and to even have models walk in the show).

As of this writing,  at least two calls to Plitz  Marketing have resulted in The Fix being hung up on.

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