Kate Upton details her own #MeToo experience that left her terrified | The Daily Fix

Kate Upton details her own #MeToo experience that left her terrified

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Supermodel Kate Upton  is no stranger to Hollywood, but, even she wasn’t immune to being sexually assaulted by men in seats of power.  According to Upton, who sat for an interview with Time Magazine,  she  cites one instance when she was sexually harassed by Paul Marciano — of Guess.   During 2010 and 2011 when Upton was just 18,   Marciano (who strictly denies  the allegations)  apparently texted Upton numerous times with sexually charged messages — among other unwanted advances.

In a rather terrifying ordeal, Upton, revealed that during the initial Guess campaign  Marciano “groped both of my breasts” claiming “he wanted to make sure they were real”.   At that time, Upton, says she had two choices —    punch him in the face or walk away entirely.

Obviously, she chose to walk away. But, his advances didn’t stop.   According to Upton,   he would then go on multiple times to attempt to privately visit her hotel room (something he also denies). Although a photographer by the name of Yu Tsai who say he witnessed both instances.

Marciano declined to comment when contacted the Daily News.

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