In honor of #MeToo , the fashion world is about to change | The Daily Fix

In honor of #MeToo , the fashion world is about to change

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With the wave of sexual harassment allegations  damning just about every fucking body we’ve ever liked,   people, are coming up with new and bright ideas to combat one particular issue: the abuse of power.   This year during New York Fashion Week,  a model and a top fashion lawyer are teaming up  to change that for good (and, doing it in a new way!).

According to Cosmopolitan, the Humans of Fashion Foundation launched Tuesday to the anticipation of many.  The foundation   aims to help people in need and those who have gone through issues that nobody should ever have to go through.  Even better, they’re aiming to do most of it pro-bono.

Kristina Romanova, a 23-year-old model who has worked with just about every major label beloved by young people teamed up with her  fashion-lawyer friend Antoinette Costa. Costa, 32, has worked well with companies like The Yankees and Louis Vutton.

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