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How to get a New York City Metro Card For Free

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Commuter cards for the train are something else,  often, getting lost in your wallet and backpack — and that last minute scramble to find it is really annoying.    But, what’s even more annoying, is double paying for the same card at the pay station for absolutely no reason other than the city wanting your money.

Never fear, we’ve figured out a solution on how to get a free Metro Card.   Turns out, those employee commuter cards you see everybody with — take that to a Metro stop and an employee will give you a free Metro card (as a benefit of having an employee card, especially if you work for the city!).

We tested this out at  the 34th street station, and, had no issues with it. We would advise people though, ehum, to have a valid I.D present when presenting an employee card unless it has your photo on it.

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