Another Hollywood heavyweight has fallen prey to sexual assault allegations | The Daily Fix

Another Hollywood heavyweight has fallen prey to sexual assault allegations

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And this time, ehum, they’ve hit the African American community in Hollywood. According to the Washington Post,    the manager and face behind the careers of people like Halle Berry &  Taraji P. Henson is in deep shit this weekend. The Post revealed that at least 9 women have come forward claiming that he has assaulted them in some form since at least the 1990’s.

Tamika Lamison was a 27-year-old stage star living in New York City in June 1996, when, she was introduced   to Vincent Cirrincione.   At the time, she was  ecstatic at the idea of being introduced to the man who brought the likes of Halle Berry to life.     Lamison,  writes for the column, that she was invited to audition for Lamison — who even went as far as to take a call from Berry during a visit to his hotel suite to prove his worth.

Unfortunately for Lamison,  good intentions didn’t exist at the time.   Lamison is one of nine women including 8 African American women, and, 1 Asian American woman that have come forth with terrifying claims of abuse of power.  Several women note the same instance dealing with Vincent, that, in exchange for access to his Hollywood clout — that he would get to have sex with them whenever he wanted  at any time (no matter the day).

Alike others, Lamison gave up on her hopes and left before anything truly happened.   Most of the actresses say that they were turned down upon turning down his advance, others, however weren’t so lucky. The Post managed to catch up with one who says he masturbated in front of her, while another, says that  he tried to get her to agree to have sex with him monthly during their meetings.


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