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5 Things Your Landlord Won’t Tell You [U.S Version]

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Landlords are some the most annoying people on this planet, and, often some of the most evil. Whether it be they’ve secretly raised your rent without notice, or,   simply just have a disdain for you — we’ve rounded up 5 common things people weren’t told by their landlords in the beginning.

1.)  Rent controlled apartments

Aren’t just a mythical invention for those that hope to survive the skyhigh rents in cities like New York and Los Angeles. Since the 70’s, rent controlled apartments have existed for those seeking a little help with their rent.   City governments in big cities capped annual rent increases due to the alarming way that such rents continued to turn out over the next four decades.    What landlords don’t often tell people, is, that their apartment may or may not be rent controlled — leaving them clueless to the fact that their rent cannot legally be raised past a certain price each year.

2. )  Background checks aren’t just for tenants

Landlords never actually mention that tenants should research the landlords themselves. Some landlords may have spotty backgrounds, while others, may have violations on their records that they don’t want new tenants to see.   For best results, we’d recommend always checking the building and safety codes of a potential building (and, going as far as to make sure your landlord isn’t a total floozy).


3.)  If an apartment isn’t up to   general standard… guess what…

All’s fair in  hell and rental agreements.   If you’re in this situation, landlords won’t tell you that you can legally pretty much remain in the apartment and withhold rent until things are better. (By things we mean:   leaks; faucets, pipes, etc). Literally every state besides the  Trump loving conservative territory of Arkansas guarantees renters of all kinds the right to a general safe basic shelter that keeps them out of rain and snow — and free of many common diseases and such one encounters while living in an apartment.

4.) Roommates are fun and all… until….

One or more of them doesn’t turn in their part of the rent.   Housing lawyers say this is a common misconception as landlords don’t often discuss this one with potential roommates. If a roomie fails to pay,  under most common rental laws,    all tenants in the home can be evicted.

Next week, we’ll be discussing this in more detail in the 2nd half of our op-ed. 

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