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Here’s the unusually striking story behind Bratz Dollz

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Bratz Doll & A Barbie Doll Are Pictured.

Bratz Dollz first came to be in 1999 after a former Matel employee thought of such an idea while actually working at Matel. Bratz Dollz, the  more scantily dressed of the two dolls,   came to be — and quickly became legal trouble for its maker MGA. For nearly two decades,    Matel waged a legal war against the company that nearly brought down the iconic doll maker.

In an unusually striking deep dive for the New Yorker, Jill Legore, examines how the Matel vs MGA  legal saga defined nearly two decades in doll-creation. In the piece, Legore examines one particular tid-bit about Bratz Dollz that often goes unnoticed.

Perhaps most interesting, as pointed out in the piece, is how American corporations have long capitalized on the social issues we as humans face — as means to better familiarize their dolls with actual  young women and consumers.     More often than not, corporations  bagged heavily on  gender roles; stereotypes, and more — without ever acknowledging how real the dolls may have gotten.

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