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Chrissy Teigen wants to pay Makayla Maroney ‘s $100,000 NDA fine

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Former Olympian Makayla Maroney is pictured.

That’s if the Olympian great actually speaks at the sentencing of Larry Nassar, who, stands accused of more than 140 counts of sexual abuse  dating back quite a long time.  Over the weekend, it emerged that Nassar’s trial is coming up — and — Maroney is expected to be present.

Although, it could get pretty murky.   According to the NDA Maroney signed, she, can’t legally actually say much of anything at the hearing.    That’s where the problem for many actually stands, especially, Chrissy Teigen, who has announced she plans to pay the $100,000 fine if Maroney  does indeed plan to speak  during Nassar’s sentencing.

Nassar was arrested earlier this month after several  Olympians and sportswomen came forward revealing that Nassar had sexually abused them during Olympian  medical visits.

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